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My Story

Game Developer, QA Tester, and Animator.

I love Video Games.

Pixel Artist

Video Games & Me

Growing up with autism, I was a silent kid that struggled to communicate until my parents let me try a video game. Since then, I haven't stopped chatting about them.

There's a sense of community thats unique which feels tailored and speaks more to me in this medium than any other.

Now in my recent years, I am striving to be involved in making video games. I aim to help other developers' stories to become unique and impactful so much so that these games are shared with new generations. I want this cycle of community, sharing, discovering, and improving to never end. 

That's my Goal.

Art Background

I attended art college to find where I belonged in the entertainment industry. I majored in Animation and discovered a passion for short films focused on narrative/character driven stories. I experimented with story telling in my own shorts through college to find my voice. 

By the time graduation came, I still struggled to find that voice and it was only after college that I found it through video games. They give you the power not just to be a spectator, but to make a difference. That is epic. 

My voice is in that realm and I can't wait to share it.

Start of my Art
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