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Arzette The Jewel of Faramore

My Part in "Arzette"

My responsibilities was creating enemy and NPC characters from concept to pixel sprite art in a Cd-I inspired style. Staying true to the limited animation restrictions, we achieved our goal in creating a colorful variety of bad guys and wacky citizens for Arzette to encounter on her journey.

After my sprite work was finished, I continued working on cutscenes further bringing the NPCs to life.

Released on Feb. 14th 2024, the game has been met with great reception in our ability to capture the CD-i era of gaming.



Unstable's Cover


You need to escape out of the mountain and the only way out is up.

Gameplay comprises  is a puzzle solving action platformer where your actions are more permanent than you believe.

My Part in "Unstable"

My responsibilities are mainly Writing the story/lore, art direction, game testing, level design, and concept art.

Crumbled Version
Finished pristine version
Roughing out Ideas

I work on drawing some rough sketches of what I'm working on (house for this example) and then I refine those ideas to the style which fits the game's personality. Then the wear and tear comes in to reflect its age we want to depict.  Theres more visuals to come though that will be featured later.

Unfortunately the game is currently on a long hiatus and updates will be limited until further notice. Information is available on twitter @Unstable_twg.

Grandpa's Quest

Grandpa's House

King Skull rules the lands and takes what they please to do so. Everyone lives in fear of their rule of the land.

That was until their minions destroyed your grandfathers garden. Grandpa sets you to make King Skull pay for his crime.

Mage's Hut

Meet and help people that have been beaten down by the Skull King. Learn who they are, help bring their spirits back, and they will join in your quest. The more the merrier.

Follow me on Twitter/Instagram for updates on "Grandpa's Quest."

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